Educational program on product design, interaction and analytics held
in Saint-Petersburg in autumn 2013. For 4 months a group of highly motivated
people from different fields of design, management, development and analytics
gathers to examine objectives of design in the process of product development.

It’s all about understanding products

We are focused on the complete process of bringing a new product to market. Considering innovative thinking, research, design and engineering as inseparable working flow components, we give opportunities to advance in creating harmonious products in IT.

Sharing experience

Networking is the core of educational process. The goal is to grow cross-community network of professionals who are exceptionally familiar with the product development process in IT industry and able to contribute to the Russian innovation ecosystem development.

Achieving results

Throughout the course participants are involved in project-based work and teamworking, solving actual design issues and cases of partner companies.


The educational process of Design track is focused on creating the ecosystem where motivated students from different areas of IT industry interact, generating new experiences. The format is well-correlating with principles of design thinking, when innovation is born in experiment.

We invite experts from major companies, leading agencies, project teams & labs to unfold the process of product development referring to their personal experience & skills. Our experts usually don't prepare presentations, but if they do — exclusively for the course. Each meeting is a dialogue, when audience not only provides feedback to the content of the program, but contributes to it through networking, bringing unique experiences to the discussion.

In addition to regular classes, we organize public events — master classes and presentations — expanding the community surrounding the track.

Participants are also engaged into project-based activities. Working hand in hand with professional teams of corporate partners, in four months we create valuable products, solve actual issues of companies, working through the entire process of product development in IT. As a result, projects become real products and also form students' portfolios. This is useful both for companies and students — partners are into getting innovative solutions and students acquire better understanding of the field, working with real data.


18 classes with experts and key persons from IT industry, Universities, design and management
fields with project based work throughout the course. The process is divided into 3 directions:

Design Thinking
User Interface & User Experience
Product development

Emotional Design

Innovative Thinking

Data Visualization

Content Design


User Interface Design

Interaction Design

Product Analytics

Usabilty Testing

Data Tracking

Market & Experience research

Design-Development Relations

Iterative Improvement

Customer development

Design in Business

Anton Shnaider

Art Director at S-I-L-A

Konstantin Gorsky

Head of Software Interface Design Department at Yandex

Alexey Ivanovskii

Art Director at W-O-S

Anton Artemov

Head of Interaction at Wargaming

Maria Antropova

Research Team Lead at JetBrains

Dmitry Serdyuk

Illustrator at FunkyPunky

Platon Dneprovsky


Mikhail Vink

Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains

Dmitry Sulliwan

Founder at Sulliwan Studio

Dmitry Pavlov

UI/UX designer

Igor Debatur

Co-founder at Whitescape

Anatoliy Chernyakov

Co-founder at Whitescape

Yury Vetrov

Head of UX at Mail.ru

Alisher Yakupov

Head of design department at Odnoklassniki.ru

Tanya Misyutina

Head of Data Laboratory

Roman Musatkin

Product Designer at Radario

Project-based work & real data cases

Interactive project for Apparat,
web-magazine on people & technology
Website for GameChangers, program
for ad-hoc education and research
Special project fitting the track's context, skills and experience of participants.
Partners & Media
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